.Our Love Story Without End.

It was a Hot Saturday Summer afternoon at a mutual friends Pool Party in Gilbert on August 23rd, 2008...My first impression had on Levi was "Who is this guy? Why have we never met?And what does he think he's wearing!?" (He had on short, black, Volcum board shorts with bright blue and yellow polka dots). The very next day at a friends farewell, Levi worked his magic with his smooth words, and got my number. That night, I ditched a blind date/hang out, to go watch a movie with Levi at his place. We had our first kiss that night and our second kiss in the rain the next night. A few weeks after dating I apparently "made" Levi become boyfriend/girlfriend with me :) Levi placed a bet with his bestfriend that they would wait until their girlfriends cracked and said "I Love You" first. Needless to say...his bestfriend lost and Levi caved in and told me he "Loved Me" on Wednesday November 19th, 2008. Exactly 1Month later we were ENGAGED!!! Levi popped the question when we went on our 1st date all over again. We had Dinner at Cibo and dessert at The Compass Room on top of the Hyatt Hotel in Phoenix. Completely surprised me, everyone knew it was going to happen, but me. And yes...I cried like a baby! Our original Wedding Date was April 24th (8 Months exactly after our 1st Kiss), but a week after being engaged, Levi came up to me and said we could move it up a month if I wanted to. So...We did!! We were sealed for Time and All Eternity on March 27th, 2009 in the Mesa, Arizona Temple. It was the best day of my life and a dream come true!


{Yeager Family}

{Owens Sisters}

{All of My Lovely Nieces}

{Owens Family}

{Bridesmaids&My Bestfriends}

{Grooms Men}

(Candy Station)

{Our Flower Girl}

(Dinner Tables)

{Classic. Messy. My Dream Come True!}

{The Exit}


  1. hello darling!! love love love your blog and all your pictures. you are GoRgEoUs!!!!! im so happy for you. your wedding looks amazing and i can't believe how many neices you have. love ya!

  2. Hey my favorite orthodontist assistant!!! I found your blog and thought that I would say hi! Hope you are feeling better from your surgery. Have a Happy 4th of July, and I will hopefully see you on Monday to get these crazy braces off!!! :)

  3. Those are very pretty wedding photos!

    I hope you are healing well from the surgery! I had to wear those dang leggings during my pregnancy, because I wasn't getting good blood flow in my legs. I am going to have to plan all of my pregnancies in the winter, because I have to wear pants & closed toe shoes with that junk!

  4. You guys are so cute! By the way im sorry I added the totally embarrasing pictures of 4th of July, they are seriously so funny I had to.

  5. hello there. i miss you. serious. how's the hip gma? i already feel like a gma. i need a kid. loves.

  6. HI! I just saw a you had a blogg. Its so cute!

  7. Hey!! I'm so happy that you guys have a blog! It's so cute... and it's orange!! Thanks for coming over last night- we had lots of fun! :)

  8. Fun pics. Sorry we could not be there. Levi, speaking of feet, remember when Derick had to lick your foot on dare night?
    Oh, and Emily's friend Sarah is married to my cousin Jake. Crazy.