I Am Turning Into An Old Woman!

Who do YOU know that is 23...

And already on their 2nd Hip surgery!?
Well...if you didn't know anyone, now you do!!!
I had surgery last Thursday. The Doctor had to dislocate my hip
 (while I was under of course)
and shave down the "ball" of my hip socket. The ball and socket 
were rubbing on each other, causing pain that I cannot describe.
I am on crutches for 6 Weeks, no swimming for 2 Weeks. Yes, 
NO SWIMMING for 2 Weeks and no lake or river trips for 3 Months
What is a girl to do in this heat??

Oh and don't worry, my Doctor put me to work only 20hrs after surgery.
PT for 4 Weeks. And that lovely legging I am wearing...


I don't think I can go another sleepless night with it on.


  1. Hi Emily, I love your blog!! So cute! The background looks amazing and I love how you change up the font. So sorry about your crazy hip, hopefully it stays fixed this time. Sarah tells me you are a great cook and having so much fun being married, yay!
    Love you lots!

  2. Hey cute girl! It has been so long. I'm so glad to see that you are doing well and that you are so happy.

    I love your wedding photos. Did your mom make your dress? She is still one of the most talented seamstresses I know.

  3. So you finally got a blog...it's about time!

    I had no idea you've even had one hip surgery...dang girl. Good luck with that.

    Love your cute blog.

  4. Em! Psh...so much for the "I don't know how to do a blog"...yours is amazing! Seriously too cute! I hope you're doing well- remember I'm always just around the corner (so to speak!)

  5. Poor Emma! I'm so sorry about your silly bum hip! You're blogging skills are great tho! I love you!