.Caught of Gaurd.

Has this ever happened to you? : Got to talking to someone and then once they finally told you their name you get giddy like a little school girl and just start jibbering and couldn't stop?
Totally happened to me over the weekend. We were at Cortate looking at couches and this girl comes in changing her mind on the fabric she ordered for her couch (totally something I would do, that's why we are waiting till next week to make our final decision since I am  the worst at buyers remorse!) Anyway her, Levi and I got to talking, figured out she's in my sisters ward and then she hands me a business card because she re-does furniture. And as soon I read her blog address the giddyness overcame me. It was like for me meeting a celebrity. Haha, Levi got a kick out of my reaction. 
Check her out here, she is a doll and has some mad skills if you need anything done!

Here is just a tease of her taste, and she can do so much more!

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  1. That's my friend Natalie! And yes, she's a rockstar.