Wow one blog post last month, really? Well I guess the title speaks for it self then...
It's true, we've been "Trippin".
We spent 10 days in Maui last month and ever since we've gotten back my life has gone in
in extra fast forward, times 4 (just like our DVR).
Anyways, back to Maui!! My sister moved there in February with her husband and 2 boys.
They have a cute little place, 3min walking distance from the beach, 2 jeeps and 
pure freedom. They are living the life and we were able to get a tid bit of the 
life they live. Ahhhh.....

Black Sand Beach, so cool!
 Big Beach where the waves were SOO high! My sis got munched big time...poor thing.
 Road to Hana
 Lava Rocks and Big Beach
While checking out the turtles, Levi decides to jump in to take a closer look. Cool, right? We apparently 
were standing on top of a cave and in that cave was a shark, I've never seen Levi swim faster! 
We also went and saw the coolest blow hole! But my laptop hates me, (the feelings are mutual) and the pictures wouldn't rotate. How I long to use my MAC again....
 Twin Falls Hike
 We went down to Kam 3 almost every night to watch the sunset, eat the best pizza or BBQ, throw the frisbee and watch the whales.

10 days very well spent. If I could do it all over again I would. So Hills and Ry, if you're there at the end of this year, we might just be back!!!
(I had so many other pictures from the trip, but again my laptop hates me...and I had A TON  on my iPhone and a recent backup deleted everything I had, I am pretty upset about it and missing those Hawaii pics very much so.)

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  1. These pictures are perfect. Next time I'm going in your suitcase with you..