. $30 Round Trip Tickets.

When the airport 10minutes from your house has $30 Round Trip tickets to Vegas and you already have a free weekend stay in a Hotel on the strip, you just can't say no...right?!
This trip was one of the best Vegas trips we've taken yet. We went Thursday-Saturday, got free 1st class upgrades on the way there, saw the show La Reve and loved every second of it, went to the wax museum for free, went shopping, ate way too much, walked a ton to the point where I bought new running shoes and had no shame wearing them at night bc of how bad my feet hurt, found out that I've already had the chicken pox because I broke out in shingles and got some of the best quality time with Levi! I have to admit, I've been one to be super attached to my phone. Guilty as charged and not proud. But this particular weekend I left it in the hotel quite a bit and let me tell you, not being tempted to check instagram, Facebook, pinterest, etc. texting friends and clients back, was the BEST!! I didn't even have an itch for my phone when I didn't have it, more of a relief to be honest.
I love quick weekend getaways, especially when we can do them under a budget and still have the greatest time.

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  1. I'm totally jealous! I would kill for $30 round trip tickets! all the ticket prices we look at are well over $300! :( ha ha