.Peculiar Baby. {10}

The last time we talked, it was in December when I had a +positive+ pregnancy test and then started my cycle 2 days later. After having blood work done, we found that it was just a "faulty" pregnancy test . How rude right?! Well it didn't help with all the hormones I was taking at the time either.
January we started seeing Dr. Craig in Tempe. He is a goofy looking fella, but he knows his stuff and was to the point about everything. And his nurse practioner Shannon, it was love at first sight for me. She was so nice, informative and didn't make me feel like a fool for any random questions I had. Also, with Dr. Craigs staff. You saw the same nurse practioner, the same girl who draws your blood, the same lady to talk about insurance too, and the same doctor every time. Phew!! What a relief! I felt as if they always knew who I was and really cared and were interested in what was best for me and what I needed in order to fix whatever it is that is wrong.
We had to wait a month for insurance purposes to do our 4th IUI. Which I was totally fine with. At this point, I had quit my job/walked out on the spot the 3 days before Christmas. A decision that Levi had been telling me to make and do since last August but I never had the guts. Dr. Craig had me on different progesterone, more shots, I wasn't allowed to raise my heart rate past 130-so I had to be careful with cardio, and no caffiene.
It was a Friday Feburary 3rd. Levi was waiting for me infront of the building as I drove up. I always get nervous before going in to these appointments and he is always there for me ready to hold my hand through the entire thing. Each time is a different nervousness, maybe this time was because they were doing the IUI 2 days prior than when I showed I was supposed to ovulate but because of how my follicules looked-not off my blood/hormone levels. We get in, Shannon calls us back, I get ready and we see that Levi has plenty of swimmers and that I had 4 Follicules that were ready with 1 "Cheer Leader" aka, it wasn't big enough to be considered a canidate (follicles are what they call the "eggs" before they drop and actually become eggs). Levi always like to watch how the procedure is done and the nurse always lets him stand behind her and watch every step. Well this time, as Shannon was getting ready to inject the swimmers, she looks up to Levi and says "actually, do you want to inject the swimmers?", Levi got more giddy than I have seen him a long time and glady accepted the invitation to do so. Shannon gave him all the instructions needed and he injected all 53 million little swimmers, smiling ear to ear.
This 4th IUI experience was the best one of them all. I felt at such peace knowing that whatever happens will happen. My family and close friends did a fast for us the previous Sunday, Levi and I have grown so close through this trial, I finally had a clear mind with no work stress and we could feel all the prayers coming our way. It's incredible the path Heavenly Father leads you down, and the faith you have to have to just know that whatever is going to happen, it will be for the right reasons.



  2. This is very exciting! I am sending many prayers and positive vibes!! Let's Go Baby!!!

  3. Congrats Em! So happy for you guys! I am due oct. 22 and I see Dr. Layton too. I bet we run into each other at appointments! Good luck!