.Peculiar Babies. {11}

Yes, it's true! We are pregnant...WITH TWINS!!!! Looking back that was the longest 20 months of my life, but now that I'm living in the moment I wouldn't take back those 20 months for anything. It was a blessing to be able to have that time with Levi, to go and play and become the best of friends through this trial. And might I add, now that I'm not on fertility meds anymore or any hormones for that matter, I am the happiest I have been. I laugh more and enjoy my time I have with just Levi and I. Those 20 months were the longest and best months of my life, it was what brought Levi and I closer than I ever have imagined.
I am kicking myself in the bum for not blogging earlier, or for not even keeping a journal of the pregnancy so far!! So let's try and recap shall we!
•Due Date: October 24th, 2012
•Week 4: We found out we were pregnant while spending a weekend getaway in Vegas. I took the test early that morning and then wrapped it up in a towel and threw it in a corner without looking at it so Levi and I could see it together. When we both woke up and saw the "pregnant" sign, we didn't believe it. We couldn't because of the false positive we have 2 months prior. So that following Monday when I went in for blood work and they confirmed it, we are pregnant!!!!!
•Week 5: I had to go in for blood work 3 different times to monitor my HCG levels. Every evening the nurse would call me to confirm that I was still pregnant and that my levels were rising, as she giggled each time. My levels were very high and she couldn't tell me what exactly that meant but that I was still pregnant. So what did I do? Well what anyone would do, I googled it of course! Sure enough...my levels were so high, that I was pretty dang nervous there was more than just 2 babies in my belly (we had not had an ultra sound done by this point yet, but Levi and I were certain there were at least twins.
•Week 6: We went in for our 6 week check/1st Ultra Sound and sure enough...there were 2 heart beats!!  That night we went around to both of our families houses announcing the pregnancy with balloons and a chalk board sign. Keep that a secret for 2 weeks was the hardest thing I've done. There were so many tears as they first figured out we were pregnant, but then more tears came as we told them we were expecting twins!! The babies will be #30 and 31 for my side and #11 and 12 for Levi's side of grandkids.  Oh and to top it off, my very best friend since we were 2 who grew up 4 streets down from me, is pregnant with twins as well and is due exactly 1 month before me!
•Week 8: I graduated from the fertility clinic and from that point till delivery I will be seeing Dr. Layton.
•Week 12: I got to finally go off progesterone, it made me super bloated. I was still very nauseous at this point, taking 2 Zofran's a day. At this point tho I finally was getting my energy back. Was able to cook and clean in the same day. I craved cheese like crazy, I actually couldn't get enough of it.
•Week 14: finally into the 2nd trimester, still a little sick but only taking Zofran when I started feeling really queasy . I had only thrown up about 4-6 times at this point. The word "cheese" tho made me loose my appetite faster than anything. And I have gained 7 pounds so far.
{Same Day appt's, different Doctor's. Lyss is having BOYS!!!}
*Week 15: Threw up randomly one Sunday morning, hoping it was the last of this phase. I am finally able to eat normal and the one thing I thought I would crave for sure, I don't!!! Sweets :) It just doesn't do it for me, gives me a tummy ache if anything. I wake up starving, and now when I get hungry, I get hungry fast!! I need to remember to pack little healthy snacks through out the day.
•Week 16: thought for sure I was going to be able to find out what we are having this week and do the whole cake reveal party with my family on mothers day/my birthday, but the dr said I have to wait till 18 weeks. I totally cried haha. I still have only gained 7 pounds. Dr. Layton said I should be starting to feel "flutters" but I still can't, that or I can't tell the difference between gas bubbles and flutters...I lay in bed every morning patiently waiting and nothing. Hopefully here in a few weeks I will be able to start feeling them both move around.
•Week 17(Today): I am feeling great, working out 4-6 times a week for 45-60min a day. I have to be careful and not over heat my body and not raise my heart rate too much. I can still fit into most my jeans, some I am already using the "hair tie" trick. But with the weather slowly creeping up and staying in the 100's from here on out, I have a feeling skirts and dresses will become my best friends, along with being in a pool as often as possible.
We get to find out what we are having next week and couldn't be more excited!!! It's the anatomy appointment and I will be having the ultra sound tech put the sex of the babies into an envelope and I will be taking the envelope straight over to Lyss and she will be baking me a cake!! We will be doing the reveal party that night with my entire family. The babies are measuring 2 days apart from each other, so from the beginning we have both thought it would be 1 boy and 1 girl. However, mine and Levi's "gut" feeling is saying differently...he says 2 boys and I say 2 girls...Next Wednesday can't come soon enough!!

(Sorry about the phone pictures, but it's all I've got. I need to get better about using our camera and then uploading them every week and blogging. Being that about 6 months ago our computer crashed and then last week iCloud deleted everything from my phone. Thank goodness for FB and IG at times like this!)


  1. I can't even tell you how EXCITED I am! I got mega butterflies just reading this post. I can't wait to see you this summer, then again in December to see the little peanuts. Next week is going to be aaaawesome when you find out.

  2. I just wanted to offer congrats to both you and Levi. What an exciting time for you two! Kittens wishing the both of you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  3. This post makes me smile from ear to ear for you! So happy!!

  4. This is the most wonderful news!!!! I am just elated that you are finally able to experience motherhood and X2!!! You look wonderful!

  5. seriously i love this so much. i got caught up with your blog and loveee you as a red head. you are so cute and stylish and seriously are going to be the best mama! love and miss you xo