.Be Mine.

We celebrated Valentines Day on Friday the 12th this year. And let me just start out by saying, it was by far the best one ever!! So excited for years to come with my sweetheart!

I normally don't work on Fridays and will sleep in until 7:30 or 8. I went into the kitchen maybe around 10 after cleaning the bathroom, bedrooms and getting ready for the day. And to my surprise Levi had "heart attacked" the kitchen, so sweet right? 
Well he also had a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that smelled so good...
And the ipod deck out with a heart on the ipod saying "play me"-it had our song ready to be played and everything. He had thought of all of this on his own! How lucky am I?
He wrote me the sweetest Love Note. I love notes. I always have, so when I get them from him, they are my favorite ever! I also got a scrapbook cutter that I was pretty excited about.

I spent the rest of the day baking Valentines Sugar cookies with Miss Lyss. Everyone has to have at least 1 heart shaped Sugar Cookie this time of year, right?? or 3....or 4....whoops.

For dinner we had made reservations at Mastro's with 3 other couples. We got dressed up to make the night that much more special. And when we were getting ready to leave, to my surprise Levi had borrowed my brother in-laws 6 series BMW. It's not very often I get to ride in really nice cars, and I enjoy every moment of it. I felt like a complete queen.
Dinner was perfection. My new favorite restaurant, even tho it isn't easy on the wallet. I am however already saving our date night pennies to go again! Right before dessert was brought out, Levi handed me another gift. What?!? I wasn't expecting anything since I already opened a gift earlier that day. Let me just day, my husband spoils me. And I am by no means complaining.
Valentines Day was perfect. Thanks to my sweetheart!!


  1. wow! how awesome and so sweet!

  2. What a sweet husband you have! It sounds like your Valentine's Day was awesome. I love pearls. I feel like they are a MUST in every lady's wardrobe. They are so classic. Have fun wearing yours!

  3. sounds like you had fun girl! So jealous!