.My Top 10 Love List.

#1: Zinnia Flowers.
I love how puffy they look. And the colors of them are to die for.

#2:Last Chance.

Anyone who knows me, knows I live at the place and 80% of my closet is from there.
I have been saving my pennies to go, and waiting for you to call to go with me.
there are a few of you who I know have been itching to go...you know who you are...

#3: Working Out.
I love that "I'm about the throw up" feeling at the gym, because you know you just kicked your butt and you're going to be feeling it the next day.
Oh and I want her bod...please and thank you.

#4: Surprises from my Hubs.
You know, like the ones that make your jaw drop or smile ear to ear...ya those.
He's been doing that a lot lately. Just when I think a surprises couldn't be better than the one from before, he goes and completely out does himself! love ya babe.

#5: Organized Jewelry and Closets.
Really, does it get better than this? I am an organized person, but with not much room to spare at the moment, the thought of possibly having this some day warms my heart.

#7: Candle Light.
Dinner. Baths. Massages. etc.
It always sets the best mood.

#8: Dark Chocolate.
Latest crave of mine. Just a solid piece, no caramel or nuts, just that thank you very much.

#9: Mesa's Frozen Yogurt.
Usually we have just about $3 and some change from out weekly date night money to go there. It's just so tastey.

#10: Country Style Homes.
This is a dream. Everything about it.
what are you loving?...


  1. I too desperately want to look like Jillian Michaels. She is amazing.

  2. i too love country style homes:)

  3. i dream of living in a country style home. and yes jillian makes me want to throw up everyday when i do her workout video. haha

  4. I love country style homes. Yes...someday..someday. Ha Ha I was laughing so hard about the "im gonna puke" feeling at the gym. I Love it and sounds weird but I crave it. I totally agree. You feel invincible after. Loved this!