.A Day With Miss Jayden.

I love being an Aunt, it has always brought such a great joy to each and every single day of my life. For the last 16yrs I have been able to enjoy that blessing. I feel that I have a special bond with all 26 of them, being that I was the only Aunt not married in the family, until 10 months ago, I had more free time to spend with them and was able to develope that relationship with them. I have Aunt Emmy Days, which aren't able to happen as often any more because I work 7-5, and they all have their after school activities, dance, music lessons, babysitting, homework, family time, etc., it is not often that we have free time at the same time during the week and the weekends are well, we all know how busy they can get! But, when Aunt Emmy Days do get to take place, I try and make a day out of it! Whether it's something low key or totally crazy, we always have a great time. They might see it as a day, night or sleep over that they get to get away from their younger siblings, but I see it as my time with them, bonding and being silly. I have a very deep love for each and everyone of them. I am excited for the younger ones to grow up so I can have that relationship with them, like I do with the older ones. I hope to be that Aunt that is able to always be there for them, have that tight relationship with them. I always envied my friends who had Aunts that they were super close with. I want to be that Aunt.

Today, I got to kidnap Jayden for 8hrs. She will be having her golden birthday next month and is so excited about it! I could seriously be with her 24/7. She is the funniest 11yr old I know, has sass that comes out of know where, is tough, and the most sweet spirited girl with such an amazing tender heart. I just love her to pieces.

Our Day consisted of: Goodwill. Buying New OPI Nail Polish-her pick. Lunch with Levi. Gave us DL on the newest drama in her life. Treated Levi&I to Sonic(she literally jumped out the window to pay). Antique Shopping. Painted her nails. Shopped at San Tan and walked away with some great finds. Ate dinner at In&Out. And since I kidnapped her with only a 15min notice, she didn't get her Saturday chores done and her dad insisted she come home...so she missed the movie. Next time Jayden!!

July 08 in Cali, picking Strawberries. And...we might have ate some while picking...

The beginning of a very crazy Aunt Emmy Sleep Over Aug 08.

And today. She is growing up to be such a beautiful Young Lady. I just love her!!!
don't you just wish you had her big green eyes with extremely long lashes?


  1. What a cutie! That's so fun that you have so many nieces and nephews that love you so much. I am sure that you are the "coolest" aunt.

    Derick has older nieces and nephews too, so it's way fun.

  2. ahh I LOVE my niece Jaydee too! She really is the best :)

  3. How cute that you do this with your nieces and nephews! I too love being an aunt- it is fun being the youngest because I got to enjoy them before life got crazy with my own.

    She is one gorgeous girl!