.Park City.

Little side note: I really do admire those who can stay up on their post...and have something to post about every other day. I wish I were like you.

A few weeks ago, Levi and I last minute got invited to go stay at a cabin in Park City with some of his friends and their spouses to go Snow Boarding. I declined the offer when he first told me about it because...
A: Money
B: I didn't know any of them...
C: Park City is a long drive for a weekend trip...12hrs long. And in my books, that's too long.
After I gave in, to Levi's surprise, we packed our bags in a short hour and were on the road. We made some phone calls to our family, letting them know where we were going (Thank you to Bear Grylls for the tip). 12hrs later...we were there!!!
It was such a fun weekend, and I am so happy we went! Even though I didn't know really any of them before going, and was quite intimidated at first not going to lie, by the end I felt like I had been friends with all of them for a really long time! Thanks for inviting us Em and John!!
The Group!!

The first night we went into SLC to eat at The Pie. It was well...very ok pizza. I hadn't been there in 3yrs and I just remembered it tasting better. I am sorry to all of you Pie Lovers out there, but i've had better...

I got my replacement camera 2 months ago and I didn't think I was able to do this fun color effect anymore with it and was really bummed...but to my surprise, 1 1/2 months later and a few click on the buttons...IT DOES DO IT!!

Our First Snow Boarding Experience Together!!

For Christmas the last year, we spoiled our selves and got new gear!! It was time we used it!



My sexy husband just doin his thing!!

I hadn't done this in a few years, so Levi gave me a short 101 course on it, went before me and Ta-Da!!

Mmm...He's ALL mine!!!

My hands look ginormous!!! I am wearing Levi's gloves because well...Mine don't really do what they're supposed to do. Keep your hands warm!!!

It was ALMOST the perfect trip....
Around 3pm we headed over to the other side of Brighton on Milly's Run, we were headed down it for a 2nd time. Levi, the entire time we were snow boarding would go speeding down the hill then wait for me to catch up, and then etc. Well...this time he didn't. It was a fun run that you had to get speed at certain areas to hit the jumps, and he just for some reason never stopped. Well, no joke, maybe like 200ft off the lift I lost my balance and didn't really fall by any means, just sorta sat down and popped right back up. My wrist was killing me so I immediately shook it thinking it got dislocated or just tweaked it in some way. Uhh....Nope. It hurt...bad. I held onto it with my left hand the entire was down the mountain. I was way nervous because it just started snowing and I didn't know this run at all. I basically went down the mountain like I was just learning how to snow board. Heel side, facing the mountain just going side...to side...when there was hills coming that I knew I had to get speed for, I just built up the courage to board like I would. Then once over the hill, back to heel side, going side to side.
Levi was waiting for me at the bottom of the mountain. The second he saw me he started running towards me. I had kept my composure and held in the tears the entire way down. But the second he embraced me, I let them fall. We had to walk across the parking lot to the Care Unit. And the entire way over I kept saying "Dr. Robison is going to be so mad at me if it's broken" Haha that's the only thing I cared about at that time for some reason.

The Care Unit didn't take our insurance, so we had to wait for our friends to be done boarding so we could take their car and go to the ER in Sandy.

Waiting to hear the outcome of the xrays...
We sent my parents this picture via email, they called immediatly from Canada to check up on me. I am their accident prone child. No joke. If any injury was going to happen to any of us 8 kids, it's going to be me. (Some say I should stop playing sports and going snow boarding. But I say no way!!!)
And yes...it's broken.

The ER drugged me up, I was so out of it. Bless Levi's heart...he had to eat his cake while I slept on his lap.

And the outcome.
Yes, I went with Purple. Gotta have fun with it, right!?


  1. You are so darling. I simply love you. I am jealous of your trip but not of your broken arm. hehe

  2. Fun pictures. Cute cast. Love you.

  3. Ohhhh I like the purple cast. Come back up so we can go boarding together PLEASSSE!

  4. Hee! Yay for making new friends! So glad you guys came!

  5. cute post Em! Love the purple :)

  6. you poor thing...you really are accident prone.

    ps. your makeup looks gorge in the last post.

  7. oooo Park City is so magical! WTC I can't believe you broke your arm, get well soon. : )

  8. OH MY GOSH! I am so sorry, but seriously I know exactly how you feel! I did the same thing last year. Broke my wrist in two places snowboarding, but my first cast was purple too! hey twiners! :) Just wait till you get that thing off, you are going to go through an entire bottle of lotion!