.Christmas Day.

So...I am 2 1/2 weeks past due on posting about Christmas Day, no big deal...right? We've been busy (my better half and i...you thought i would have had time to post with a 1 1/2 weeks off of work too!).
For the past 6 years my parents have woken up early and made the rounds to all the grandkids houses. And me, being the only child home (until this year of course) i always went with them. Some years, more often then not, i usually was done by 930...since we started at 630...But NOPE! We still had at least 2 more house to hit! And they were the ones who lived the farthest away too!! Last year Levi went with us. We were engaged and all, so he HAD to come with!! Right? Well this year, even tho it was "Our First Christmas" as a married couple, it was also the day before my parents left for 18months. So of course we continued the Tradition with them, and we had a blast!
Levi and i played Santa's Little Treat Helpers and took everyone Bosa's Donuts! (we went and picked them up Christmas Eve) we tried to take pictures of every family eating their donuts but...we missed 2 houses...whoops!

.:Christmas Morning 2009:.


Krazy Kenny...

Westin is ALL of his Get Up

Raymond challenge Levi to a Ping Pong tourney....Levi won! Boo Yah!!!






My parents were ordained as Elder&Sister Owens Christmas Night. It was the most memorable Christmas Night I think i have ever had. Almost all the kids were there with their spouses. The next morning, we woke up and did the final loading of the car. i had to keep my distance the whole morning because i was just about in tears dreading the time of 11:30am. At 10:45 the Mission President finally contacted my parents!! They had only recieved a handwritten letter from him saying how excited he was to have them. But...that didn't answer their question as to what they would exactly be doing for 18months. He explained to them that he took so long to give them their assignment because he just couldn't figure out where he wanted them. They have such young hearts and definetly could not be put in the office...Soooo...they will be living in a home in Leftbridge Canda (aprox 2hrs South of Calgary). There is a University in Leftbridge, that contains 5 singles wards. My parents will be over all of them. What a more perfect calling for my parents!? With my mom's love for girls camp and working with girls (even tho these girls will be in their 20's) and my dad's touching love for the young single adult men. My parents are amazing when it comes to touching the young adult lives. I know they will love it out there and that every Single Adult with just fall in love with my parents! The mission president seriously couldn't have given them more of a perfect place for them. He's right...they do have young hearts and that's one thing I love most about them!!

Soo...maybe i took it harder than i expected to. i had no idea it would effect me this bad...
My mom is my bestfriend (well, after Levi of course!!) The night before they left i had so much i wanted to say. So much that i knew i wouldn't be able to get out without crying through the entire thing. So I laid in bed for about an hour after Levi fell asleep, debating if i should go into the TV room and watch 1 last show with her. i got up, went out there and tears filled my eyes the second i saw her. i simply said "i love you mom, goodnight". Went back in bed and wrote her a very long email. Explaining exactly how i felt about her. More than i have ever explained to her. i miss her dearly.

Their life for the next 18months, packed in a Mini Van!

Such a happy couple, filled with so much joy and love!!

Good Bye!!

Yes...she did run clear around the corner after them. Haha i just love you Christy!

i have had a lot of craft items in my mind, re decorating, and things that need to be done to start making our "section" of the home more homey. My mom gave us the 2 thumbs up and Go Ahead to do whatever we would like to the back rooms...hee hee boy does she have it coming!! I am hoping to start doing the office Face Lift here soon.


  1. hahaha, love the pictures of me running after the van :) very sweet post Em. Love ya!

  2. I just had to ck in & see how you are doing now that you have had a week of running the place. I am thinking you probably have everything under control!

    I will be anxious to see what re-decorating you do! So many ideas for me to rip off & copy!

    Good Luck!

  3. Looks like so much fun! What fun traditions!!

    Jake is my cousin! :-) Yeah, I saw Sarah in your wedding pictures and made the connection...pretty cool! If you see them tell them we said hi!