.The Car Wash.

Sooo over it!!!

I feel like I just threw $20 down the drain...

Anyone else soo over going up to your vehicle and seeing a bunch of scuffs of dirt or oil streaks still on your vehicle after you get it washed? And trying talking spanish (which I know none of...) to the workers to tell them places they missed? So instead, you're walking around the entire vehicle with them pointing out OBVIOUS areas lacking that TLC . Ughhh so frustrating, seriously.

Once this lovely cast comes off, I am going to start washing my vehicles by HAND. Why not, I have everything that is needed to make it look like it was spit shined and I'd rather take that $20 and get a pedi afterwards for a reward of my hard work! (hey...now there's an idea!!!)

Mark my words, because I am sooo over Car Washes!!

Side note: I've had the hicups for well over an hour and I am sooo over them as well. Seriously...


  1. I am totally there with ya sista! I hate going to the car wash and paying for a "deluxe" car wash and getting the car back with dirt and the inside not completely clean and wiped down! man there is nothing more that pisses me off...

  2. Oh man you are good inspiration. I haven't washed my car in ages, and I really need to. Scott informed me that we need to start washing ours by hand too, so that's nice to know that since I'll be washing my own car, now I can get pedicures? : ) We'll see how that one goes over