.365 Days of Love.

Well folks, the 27th of this month marks 1 YEAR for my baby and I! I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. Marriage is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I could not imagine marrying a more perfect man for me than Levi. He is so patient with me and loves me with everything he's got to give. We have grown so much together and he is my best friend, the best friend I have always wanted my dream man to be. He is my definition of perfect.
To celebrate our 1 year of many adventures, trials, surgeries (me), broken bones (me), moving into my parents house to "babysit" for a year and half-have I mentioned how much I hate moving...going through 3 different trucks (Levi), many many weekend get aways, and lots of 1st experiences together. We decided to go on a CRUISE!! Levi had never been on one, and really, cruises are the best way to go. 1 fee, that's all!! Well for the most part...
We went on the Carnival Sensation Cruise down to the Bahamas. It was a 4 day, 3 night. So very fun!!! But if we could go back and change 1 thing...it would have been the cruise line. The trip it self was amazing. Food, fabulous. Dancing, out of control crazy. Free Ice Cream 24/7, yes please!!! We can't wait to go on our next cruise. So if you want in, lets start planning now!!!
ps i really don't like this new upload stuff...i can't get my picture how i want them so...i'm sorry it looks confusing!
yes our boat is the one on the left...Dang Oasis of the Seas cruise...
Atlantis City Baby!!
Formal Night. We both ended up wearing purple, what are the odds? (my belt had a purple flower-see post below- and my tights were as well) I wish I wasn't blurry in my pic...
Mini Golfing on the top of the ship! We played best out of 3. Of course I won! Well...with exception that Levi played left handed the last game.
Peace. Love. Rockets. Yeager's 2010


  1. I thought you guys were going to come to Hawaii! oh well... your cruise looks so fun! We are celebrating our 2nd on the 29th! yay I can't wait!!! :)

  2. The water is so pretty! You guys are so cute. Love the pics. We will go on the next one with you!!

  3. Congats on 1 year! A cruise will hopefully be our next vacation!! Yours looked amazing!

  4. Wow that looks like a blast. We had tons of fun on our cruise too. Sign us up for the next one!!!!

  5. oh how fun! i have to admit i've wanted to go to atlantis since i saw mary kate and ashley's Holiday in the Sun! : )

  6. congrats on the one year! isn't marriage the BEST????? looks like you guys had a super fun cruise...cruises are so fun!

  7. im glad you guys had fun! and im so jealous that your camera does the cool color thing!!!

  8. so cute! as usual. you two are always so stylin! love it.

  9. I love love Atlantis city. it was Barry and I's FAV place on our cruise. FUN