.Happy St. Patti's Day.

Well...my husband has done it again!!! He has gone far beyond expectations from what I thought I would ever have in my bestfriend and love of my life!!!
Has anyone else woken up on March 17th to a gift and "pot of gold" waiting for you on your counter from your husband?!
Seriously...how luck am I!?
and i might be a little jealous he thought of something this cute and I didn't!!

And inside my GREEN present was this adorable belt from Anthro that he picked out all on his own and a bedazzled measuring tape I have had my little eyes on for months from Z Gallerie.

Thanks babe, I love you so much! You are far beyond my favorite person in the entire world!!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone...I know I will!!!!!


  1. SO CUTE and so jealous! That belt is darling! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, he is too cute! You scored a good one.

  3. you FINALLY got the measuring tape hahahahahahha. dumb SLC Z Gallerie people...love ya.

  4. That is pretty darling!

  5. COME ON LEVI!! you're killin me! ;) thanks for being sweet to my sister

  6. sooooooo cute! that is just darling.