.365 Days of Love. {Part 2}

You see...when we got back from our 1st cruise we weren't too impressed. We had hoped that it would have met our expectations a little better for it being our 1yr Anniv and all...so...we decided to go on ANOTHER ONE!!!! This time my sis Hills and her hubs Ry came with us.
 (By the way, this trip was planned 2 weeks prior before going. I had the week off and everyone else could get it off no worries, so why not go on another one!! Right?)
...please be prepared for picture over load!!!...

The Caribbean on the Crown Princess!!!
Day 1: At Sea
Dinner!!! The food was to.die.for on this cruise! And the service was just fabulous.

Day 2: At Sea
We had all day to do whatever we wanted! So what did we do you ask? Well...
Took full advantage of eating on the Lido Deck anytime we passed it.
Played lots of mini golf.
Got our tan on.
Took naps with our balcony window open.
And drank all the free Virgin Pina Colada's we could handle!

Day 3: Grand Cayman Island
My dear friend Shalynna use to live on this island with her husband. So I contacted her on what do. She gave us the best places to go and eat!! Thank you darling, we loved it all!!! We did some snorkeling in front of The Westin. Ate some amazing Sushi at Yoshi's and did a little walk down the beach.

Yes the sand was that white and the ocean was that blue. Unreal.

How heavenly does that look...
Ritz Carlton

The Crown Princess Herself

Day 4: Roaton Honduras
We got a package deal through probably the most random Tour Guide out there!! We had to walk down this scary alley and past all of these people just to get to our car. Freaky!!! But this was our favorite stop by far!!!!
We had a 23 and 16yr old boy be our instructors for this. Lets just say for the introduction and rules with Ziplining last oooh about 15 seconds. "Don't touch this or that and you'll be good."

Hills got stuck...Levi to the rescue!!!

After the Zips we went to this Iguana Farm. Hilarious!!!

Cute little pier.

Our last stop of the tour was the BEACH!! We got our snorkel on and this was the best snorkeling I have ever done! The water and visibility was so clear!

We had the greatest time with these 2!!!

Yes...we each ate 2 desserts that night. They were just so good!!

Day 5: Cozumel Mexico
We rented scooters this day!! Our dinner friends that we sat with every night came with us. Rob, Elizabeth, Bill and Mary. We stopped by some random beach and did some snorkeling, a resort and played on their beach/ocean toys(I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time! The ice burg was this tall white blow up thing that you had to climb up and then slide/bounce down!!!) and then cruised down until the road curved and ate lunch on the beach. It was such a gorgeous day!!

These things reminded me on Wipe Out!!

Day 6: At Sea-no pictures were taken on this day.

Day 7: Princess Cays Bahama's
It was over cast and a little on the chilly side. But they had plenty of entertainment to keep us busy!

These next pictures were probably my favorite take the entire trip.

Our Final dinner with our favorite cruise friends and our amazing server Ana and bartender George-who by the had our drinks memorized, so every night as we walked in for dinner I had my diet coke right there! We had a blast sitting with them every night and talking, eating and then going to play Speed Uno for hours!!

The sunsets were almost as gorgeous as Az ones.

The 2nd snorkel day Levi and I found this conch shell, we had it sitting out on our balcony to dry out for the week and as we were packing up our stuff to go, Levi goes outside to pick it up and AHHH!!!!!

Day 8: Fort Lauderdale, Flordia

We had to leave ship at 9:45am and our flight wasn't until 5:30pm!! So what did we do? Take a taxi to the beach of course!! And if you are ever stuck in this situation with suitcases, just take them to a Hotel and they will hold them for you!

I love taking pictures of Levi when he's not looking.
Yes this is my husband and I am obsessed with him!!!!!


  1. Can you please stop going on vacations. or at least invite me along as your personal makeup artist.


  2. LOVE the bangs. You look hot lady!

  3. I'm so glad that you guys had a blast! And, that it was much better than your other cruise! You guys are always up to something really fun... so jealous! :)

  4. Ok, I am sooo jealous of your trip! It looks like it was amazing. And you look way too cute in your little bikinis! And I love your hair. I'm pretty much just in love with everything about this post.