.Need an Inexpensive/Relaxing Weekend Recovery?.

I am now introducing...
Nails by eM!

And for a limited time, I am doing mani's&pedi's for $10 each!
That's right ladies-and gents if you want-I am finally going to start using my skills and license to do nails!

Opening day will be Monday.

I will take my first client at 9am and last one at 430pm. Call/email me for first dibs on what time slot you would like! Appointments will go fast!

For now, I will just be doing them out of my home. Call me for an appointment and directions. Or email me at eoyeager@yahoo.com

I know it must be hard for those who have babies/kiddo's at home to get out and be pampered, so don't you worry because coming soon I will be doing House Calls! How perfect is that? You can schedule for me to come when your kiddo's are napping! Is there a more relaxing way to spend that time while your child is sleeping? Ya, didn't think so. And to make it even more enjoyable, I will only be charging $10 for that House Call!

Hurry!!!!!!!! Spots will be filling fast!!!!!!!!

{If you have prior obligations and Monday does not work for you, don't worry! This will become a weekly event that will be landing on Fridays more often then Mondays!}


  1. oooo fun! I wish I lived close!

  2. will you do a house call and come paint the toes poking out of my stupid cast? :)

  3. I will definitely do this when we are in AZ in a month! :-)

  4. I definitely want to do this when I can... I'll probably have to wait for the house call though because of Bronx.

  5. Hey Em... do you have room still. Around 2 or 3??? I don't have your email.

    Brittney (Penrod) Blount

  6. just kidding I see your email!

  7. you want to make a house call to utah for me?? :) haha maybe i'll get in touch with you when i visit AZ in the summer