.New Hair Do.

2 weeks ago I went to my girl {H} to get my hairs some much needed update. Meaning, going brunette again/touching up the color   (missing my blonde...but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get my hair long!!)   
with a little bit of spice/peek-a-boo blonde chunks under here...and there...
Well when it came to trim off the spit ends, I threw out the idea of cutting bangs and well...let's just say there was no convincing her!   (I usually let her do what she thinks will look best, and I trust her 100%)
I needed some funk. I was starting to get that itch and boy am I glad I let her do her thang!!


  1. yay for bangs! lovey-love-love.

  2. I like the bangs!! And I love love LOVE your new picture at the top!!

  3. Wow. They just make you look that much more stlyish!

    Love me some Em!
    Love me some Bangs!
    LOOOOOVE them on YOU!

    thanks for the shout out!

  4. super cute! I miss my bangs... I want to cut my hair so bad but I want to grow it out too... tough decisions!