.FuN FacTs.


I cannot bite into anything frozen with my teeth.
I have never had the chicken pocks.
The only fast food drive-thru I will go to is Fili B's, JUST for the bean and cheese burrito.
My closet is is colored coordinated and themed.
I dropped out of Spanish my Freshman year because I couldn't handle the alphabet.
I have had the same best friend since I was 3.
I will not touch raw chicken.
80% of my wardrobe is from Last Chance.
I have never mowed a lawn.
I was on a Utah Dating Show "Not On The First Date".

I love the pain from the gym.
If there is a reason to sing, I will.
If there is a reason, or not, I will dance.
I can ALWAYS eat Mexican food.
I laugh so hard, it makes others laugh.
I play all sports.
I went to nationals for college tennis.
I was on Wheel of Fortune.
I speak better Mexican then U.
I am a member of the AZ Grand Jury.


  1. Emily this is so funny. I hate touching raw chicken more than anything! I can't stop washing my hands afterwards. Also, I want to see your closet.

  2. Ha. I like this post. It's fun to learn little facts about people!
    You guys are so funny.