.Tuscany Villa.

A couple weeks ago, Levi and I got invited to stay in a Villa up in Sedona with 2 of my sisters and their husbands. Being an AZ native, I can't believe it took me 24yrs to finally go there! It is beyond gorgeous. I hope Levi and I can go back soon and stay a little longer than 12 hours so we can enjoy the small town shops, food and some hiking.
Once we got up there around 730, just as the sun was setting. So pretty! We stayed basically on a golf course. There were maybe 20 Villa's total surrounding the area. Pictures, words and description don't do justice how amazing this place really was. Levi seriously contemplated not waking up with me at 530 the next morning to drive back to Mesa with me, just so he could stay and golf with our brother in-law's.
I would have too...
The entry way into the Villa was like we were in a movie. And when I think about our dream home, these pictures are what pop into my head.
This was our room. Since we showed up last, we got last picks. Last picks wasn't so bad!
Outside our room
The Master Bath. 
Has anyone else dreamed of sitting in a tub like this, full of bubbles? 
Reminds me of the Note Book.
This is the inside of the Villa, view from the back patio. The opening right here has sliding window doors. 
Mmmm to have the cool breeze blowing through your house all night long...

The Master Bedroom. It's own "privacy hang out cushion spot". Oh and don't worry, the master bath also has an Out Door shower. Completely private of course. Another dream of mine...

Since our trip to Sedona was short and sweet, we decided to stay in for the evening. Our brother-in-law  Rick is the master when it comes to grilling steak and shrimp. Mmm...and Hills and Michelle worked their magic with the wedge salads and boiled corn. Levi and I showed up just in time to help set the table basically.
Hot Tub Time!

Driving Home at 5:30 am so I could make it in time to help out with a fundraiser.


  1. What a fun little get away em! Such a cute place! Miss you and Love you!

  2. woah, seriously amazing, what a lucky 12 hours, and I'm sure it was worth the trip! : )

  3. That bath tub looks magical (wink)
    I was just telling Jon last week that we need a little getaway to Sedona one of these weekends. After 24 years of life...I myself have never been to Sedona. I looks worth the trip