.You Say Jump...I Say How High.

And jump WE did!!! 
we just didn't get a picture of me...but I jumped off it twice!
We got invited with 16 other's to go to Fossil Springs.
 I am not going to lie, I was some what dreading the 7 mile hike...until I found out there was another route that was only 2 miles ROUND TRIP!! 
Cha-Ching! Count me in! I'll do that any day of the week!
Ok so maybe it was basically a nature walk, no hiking really. 
There was families with their toddlers! It is such a fun DAY activity. 
I plan on doing this with our children.
There was this Natural Spring that Levi had found.

 I had never seen one before, it was really cool to see how the water just comes up like that! 
Of course he had to get in and test it out!
You can see how blue the water was too right where it was coming up!!!
He had convinced some of the other boys that were with us to get in as well and to 
also try out his slide. 
They took a huge tree branch and used it as the "slide test dummy" 
to see how deep it was. 
No one was hurt while doing it.
Fossil Springs Crew

If anyone is interested in going, Levi and I will gladly go with! 
Driving a truck is ideal, bring some sunscreen and a light lunch/snacks and we're good to go!!
It's mandatory that you stop for Home Made Ice Cream and Mexican Food on the way home.


  1. i cant wait to do these fun things with you guys.

  2. Emily, I am so jealous of all the fun stuff you and Levi do together! You two are the cutest couple ever and are so much fun. Where is this place?! I want to go so bad!