.Puddle Jumpin.

Arizona Monsoon weather is the best. It may have taken a little longer to get here this year, but it has been worth every minute of the wait. 
On the first night when it was down pouring, Levi and I decided to go on a walk to the corner store and get us a treat. I got all giddy because the last time we played in the rain together is when we met almost 2 yrs ago (we missed out of all the summer fun last year bc I was on crutches, so we're making up for lost time x2!!). Levi had a black Chevy and we drove down into a park in Gilbert off of Higley, where there was no way you could see anyone down in there unless you were standing on top of the hill. There, I received my 1st real rain kiss and we danced in the rain. (cheesy I know, but I love us).


  1. cute cute pics, girly. you two make the perfect pair!! ;)

  2. Fun! We were at the temple sat night and when we came out it was pouring! We got drenched on the way to the car but it was so fun! We were laughing the whole time. Cute pics.

  3. So cute Em! I love your pictures!