.Annual Owens Christmas Party. {2}

I love traditions. Even if they are quirky and silly. One of the best traditions my family has is our family Christmas Party. You see, we always get 3 very very special guest that come and visit us alllll the way from Denmark {we're our ancestors are from}. It's the same every single year and everyone always looks forward to it. This year was a little different, with my parents being out of the country, us 8 kids+spouses had to get everything organized so we could carry on the tradition and still make it special for all 26 grandkids. It was not the same without "Grandma and Grandad" there to be the host/hostess, but we did ok getting things together. We missed my parents so much tonight, it was the first time we had everyone over at the house since last years Christmas Party. Crazy how fast time flew by!
For dinner, we always have posole {spelling??} Mmmm so good!!
Our 1st guest of the evening was the Dancing Doll. In order to get the doll to dance, you must have the Christmas Spirit. What's that you ask? Well, everyone has to be singing and clapping their hands. You see, the Christmas Spirit must have not been in the air tonight, because only my brother Raymond got it to dance without holding onto it. The little kids sure had a fun time trying tho!
getting into the Christmas Spirit
Our 2nd guest of the evening was the Dumb Baby. Why is it dumb you ask? Well that's simple, it can't talk! But she is best friend's with Santa Clause and knows what all the little boys and girls are getting for Christmas. Each child gets a turn, or two, to ask the Dumb Baby if they're getting a certain gift. The dumb baby then answers back with nodding her head yes, or no. To see the reaction on my nieces and nephews faces when they get a yes is the best part. {it also helps the mom and dads really know what the kids want for Christmas...wink...wink }
"raise your hand if you want to ask the Dumb Baby a question!"
The 3rd, and final guest of the evening was the Christmas Pig. It always brings lots of treats and candy for the kids. Each year there is always at least 1 child that goes running to hide, while freaking out. I mean, you would too if you didn't know what it was! This year, Bronson {who we all thought would run and hide} took one look at the Christmas Pig...then run up to it and started beating it up! Punched him in the face, kicked him in the side and the jumped on his back and continued to punch him! {Bronson is 3}. We were all laughing too hard to stop him and I didn't get a good enough picture of him in action. Soo funny.
Since my Grandma&Grandad were MIA this year, they had sent present for all the grandkids. They drove 3hrs to cross the border so the gifts would get here in time! Almost all 26 grandkids were in the picture. But they ALL loved them and kept them on for the rest of the night!
The 10 oldest Grandkids had their first experience with White Elephant Gift Exchange. It was pretty fun to watch all of them fight over the best gifts.
The Adult White Elephant gift exchange. The rule: you couldn't spend any money on it, had to be something out of your house.
JaNae and Christy ended up with the oversize stuffed animals. Recognize the banana from a previous post??
{please don't mind the old family pictures on the wall behind you!}

 Mykee and Sage-Freshman's
Levi&Marley. Marley&Hayden


  1. Okay the Christmas pig is even better than I imagined. I think I would cry if I saw that thing scooting into the room. Haha looks like you guys had fun, I want to know who was in the pig suit. I hope it was Levi again.

  2. So so so much fun!! Love the pics!!