.My Bread Obsession.

So I have been on this kick for the last couple of  months. Every Sunday I will bake a batch of bread-4 loaves of bread. We usually go through 1 or 2, and then most week's we will take the other 2 to either family or friends. {some of you have already gotten lucky! so those who haven't, be ready because your turn may be next...} Baking bread is so much fun and a ton cheaper than going to Whole Grain or somewhere that bakes their bread daily! So if you own a Bosch and would like to learn how I bake my bread, just ask! Or if any of you would like to go in on the cost with me that would be fun too! We could get together on a Friday or Saturday! Either way, let me know!!


  1. I love baking bread too. Homemade is the best!

  2. So domestic miss Emily! I love it. Maybe we will get a loaf one day ;) love you.