.Christmas Sweater Party.

Chrysha {Chris+Mysha} hosted the Christmas Sweater party this year. It was so much fun! I wish I would have gotten pictures of every couples sweaters. We played tons of games, ate waaaay too much delicious home baked goods {thanks Mysha!}, roasted marshmellows out on the patio and got to spend time with all of our friends, some that we don't get to see very often. Thank you so much Chrysha for hosting such a fab party in your gorgeous new home, we look forward to next years!!

 {natalie, shelbie, mysha, me, em, alyse, shayne}

{i am sadden to say that we will not be hosting our Yeager New Years Eve party this year. we will  be out of town. so friends look for your invite next year!}


  1. HaHaa looks like my Christmas sweaters came in handy!!

  2. Love the top picture of you two! My favorite... I think. You two are perfect!

  3. FUN!! great sweaters. Barry and I were sad to miss it!!

  4. haha love that your husband wore the same ugly sweater as your friend. HILARIOUS!