.Saying Yes all Over Again.

December 19th 2008. The day I said "yes".
And every year on 12.19 we go back.
 Back to our first date. Back to the night Mister got down on 1 knee.
I hope we carry on this tradition for the rest of our lives. A little piece of where it all began.
2 years ago...really?
and i love him more every day.
a picture is a must in front of the sign. only if i had one of our first date there...
at least i have one for every 12.19 we have on record together.


.Cruisin and need some advice!.

We are going on a cruise down to Mexico and have 2 stops: Cabo and Puerta Vallarta.

Have any of you been there or know of someone who has?? If so, what do you recommend to do while we're there?


.T'was the Night Before Christmas.

The stockings are hung, the presents are wrapped, the Mister is sleeping.
Christmas Eve, soo close to Christmas day! I am so giddy with the thought of it.
I literally cannot sleep.
Mister and I did some last minute Christmas shopping, returns, wrapped the last of the presents, 
and made Posole soup and home made hot chocolate for the Yeager Christmas Eve party.
 It was a very eventful day together. Time which we hadn't have much of together lately.
Every year the Yeager's doing the traditional gift exchange with each other. My father in-law gave
all the couples the world's best pretzels. Pretty sure we have a year supply for the 2 of us. We had soup, hot chocolate and yummy cinnamon rolls. Sat on the front drive way next to a fire. Jumped roped and enjoyed
each other company's that we don't get very often. I love the holidays.
I am so happy with where I am in my life and the road that Mister and I have in front of us. So many
more adventures and memories to make. We have some the world's greatest friends that we hope
to keep forever. We are healthy and grateful for everything we have been given.
Mister and I started a tradition this year with the 2 of us. Open a gift on Christmas Eve, and that gift being Christmas Pajama's {of course} and that we buy them for each other. And I must say it was a success.
Merry Christmas everyone!!


.Shellac {Gel} Finger Nail Polish.

Have you heard of this amazing deliciousness? This Gel Nail Polish can last up to 2 weeks. Doesn't chips, doesn't fade, and doesn't come off while doing the dishes! Being a housewife while keeping my fingers looking pretty...YeS pLeAsE!!
Here's the scoop. I am doing them now! Yes, you read that right. It has been a long 2 months of waiting, but I've got the goods finally. 18 different colors. I am sure you'll find a color you love and have to have. They're $15 and take 20min to apply.
Please email me at eoyeager@yahoo.com to make your appointment! You can go here to see my availabilities for the holidays!

By the way, I am being featured on this adorable blog, Beauty Mark, I am sure you've all heard of H & C. If you haven't, go now!!!


.Annual Owens Christmas Party. {2}

I love traditions. Even if they are quirky and silly. One of the best traditions my family has is our family Christmas Party. You see, we always get 3 very very special guest that come and visit us alllll the way from Denmark {we're our ancestors are from}. It's the same every single year and everyone always looks forward to it. This year was a little different, with my parents being out of the country, us 8 kids+spouses had to get everything organized so we could carry on the tradition and still make it special for all 26 grandkids. It was not the same without "Grandma and Grandad" there to be the host/hostess, but we did ok getting things together. We missed my parents so much tonight, it was the first time we had everyone over at the house since last years Christmas Party. Crazy how fast time flew by!
For dinner, we always have posole {spelling??} Mmmm so good!!
Our 1st guest of the evening was the Dancing Doll. In order to get the doll to dance, you must have the Christmas Spirit. What's that you ask? Well, everyone has to be singing and clapping their hands. You see, the Christmas Spirit must have not been in the air tonight, because only my brother Raymond got it to dance without holding onto it. The little kids sure had a fun time trying tho!
getting into the Christmas Spirit
Our 2nd guest of the evening was the Dumb Baby. Why is it dumb you ask? Well that's simple, it can't talk! But she is best friend's with Santa Clause and knows what all the little boys and girls are getting for Christmas. Each child gets a turn, or two, to ask the Dumb Baby if they're getting a certain gift. The dumb baby then answers back with nodding her head yes, or no. To see the reaction on my nieces and nephews faces when they get a yes is the best part. {it also helps the mom and dads really know what the kids want for Christmas...wink...wink }
"raise your hand if you want to ask the Dumb Baby a question!"
The 3rd, and final guest of the evening was the Christmas Pig. It always brings lots of treats and candy for the kids. Each year there is always at least 1 child that goes running to hide, while freaking out. I mean, you would too if you didn't know what it was! This year, Bronson {who we all thought would run and hide} took one look at the Christmas Pig...then run up to it and started beating it up! Punched him in the face, kicked him in the side and the jumped on his back and continued to punch him! {Bronson is 3}. We were all laughing too hard to stop him and I didn't get a good enough picture of him in action. Soo funny.
Since my Grandma&Grandad were MIA this year, they had sent present for all the grandkids. They drove 3hrs to cross the border so the gifts would get here in time! Almost all 26 grandkids were in the picture. But they ALL loved them and kept them on for the rest of the night!
The 10 oldest Grandkids had their first experience with White Elephant Gift Exchange. It was pretty fun to watch all of them fight over the best gifts.
The Adult White Elephant gift exchange. The rule: you couldn't spend any money on it, had to be something out of your house.
JaNae and Christy ended up with the oversize stuffed animals. Recognize the banana from a previous post??
{please don't mind the old family pictures on the wall behind you!}

 Mykee and Sage-Freshman's
Levi&Marley. Marley&Hayden

.Christmas Sweater Party.

Chrysha {Chris+Mysha} hosted the Christmas Sweater party this year. It was so much fun! I wish I would have gotten pictures of every couples sweaters. We played tons of games, ate waaaay too much delicious home baked goods {thanks Mysha!}, roasted marshmellows out on the patio and got to spend time with all of our friends, some that we don't get to see very often. Thank you so much Chrysha for hosting such a fab party in your gorgeous new home, we look forward to next years!!

 {natalie, shelbie, mysha, me, em, alyse, shayne}

{i am sadden to say that we will not be hosting our Yeager New Years Eve party this year. we will  be out of town. so friends look for your invite next year!}


.Flower Pillows.

I've been on a craft kick lately. Like I was painting for 4hrs yesterday and up until 2am sewing.
I found this darling idea for the flower pillow here, if you would like to make your own. The talented girl behind this all, is also selling the ones she makes on her etsy account. Super cute!!
 These 2 were just a practice{next time I will be using felt fabric}, but they turned out ok for starters I think! {wait...don't look too close...I need my mom to help me with some finishing touches}

...is there really only 14 days left till Christmas?? anyone freaking out besides me??...



{i'm digging these cute little sayings lately...geek alert, i know}

This is so true. Could you imagine having to go through each and every day hating your job/what you have to do on a daily basis. I know getting up at 5:30am Mon-Thurs for work doesn't sound ideal {because it's not} but it's worth it in the end. I love my patients and the office I work for. {if you're looking for braces or invisalign, it's the place to go, srsly}.

I also feel so blessed to have the clients I have with Glitter Toes and to be able to have my license to do so. It's such a blessing to have in my life right now. It's not a job, it's a 100% hobby. If I didn't love it, I wouldn't do it. Simple as that.

I love being a wife. And I love my husband even more so. Yes, work+glitter toes+gym+house wife=sometimes stressful, but totally worth it.

My sis, her hubs and 2 little boys have been living with us the past 2 weeks. It's been such a fun adventure. I wouldn't take back one second of it, even if I could. A learning curb if you may. I love them and they will be missed ever so, but Hawaii will just have to be on our check list of vacays next year. At least twice. 

I miss my mom and dad. 6 more months...please come and go ever so quickly. pleeeease!

I have been on such a de-junking mode lately and i.love.it! {more clothes/blog sale coming soon maybe??} I can only imagine what it's going to be like when we move into our own place and how much I will get rid of!

My best and her hubs are moving away from me in exactly 1 month. San Fran be nice to them, and be nice to us when we come visit. Often.

Enough with the jibberish. I finally accepted the fact that I lost the camera {mister lost the other one, so we're even, right??} So we're now on our 3rd Cannon Elph digital camera. Just can't get enough of that little guy. It's on SALE at Costco right might I add. Pictures coming soon-a dashing weekend we have ahead of us! 


.And it begins...

Let the cocoa-sipping
season begin!
{that is of course if you don't live where I do with the high will be 80 this weekend...really??}


.Glitter Toe Openings.

.Glitter Toe Openings.
Holiday Parties are here! So what a better time than now to get your toes all Glitzy for the special occasion!?

Here are my openings for this month:
Friday 8th: 11am-9pm
Saturday 11th: 1130pm-9pm
Friday 17th: 12pm-4pm
Saturday 18th: 1130am-4pm
Thursday 23rd: 8am-2pm, 3:30pm-9pm
Monday 27th: 8am-630pm
Thursday 30th: 8am-1pm
{I also have Monday-Thursday evenings after 6pm available, other than what is listed above. No Sunday's.}
Glitter Toes are a gel application that takes about 20 min to do and last for 6-8+ weeks depending on how fast your toes grow. They are instantly dry when we are done and are thinner than acrylic toes. You get your cuticles all cleaned up and toes shaped in the process. They come in a collection of color's that you choose and are only $20. Age 12 and under are $15.If you host a party of 6 or more, you get yours for free!
Please email me at eoyeager@yahoo.com to schedule you're appt. I look forward to hearing from you all soon!

XoXo, Em


.My Bread Obsession.

So I have been on this kick for the last couple of  months. Every Sunday I will bake a batch of bread-4 loaves of bread. We usually go through 1 or 2, and then most week's we will take the other 2 to either family or friends. {some of you have already gotten lucky! so those who haven't, be ready because your turn may be next...} Baking bread is so much fun and a ton cheaper than going to Whole Grain or somewhere that bakes their bread daily! So if you own a Bosch and would like to learn how I bake my bread, just ask! Or if any of you would like to go in on the cost with me that would be fun too! We could get together on a Friday or Saturday! Either way, let me know!!



It's missing...my cute little perfect digital elph camera. It's been about a month now and it's no where to be seen. sigh. The last I remember is taking pictures with it in Downtown Mesa. I'm hoping it turns up magically some day. I am not one to misplace or loose things. And to top it off, our Nikon has been shipped out to be fixed (Thank you American Express for covering an additional 1yr warranty after the manufactors warranty has expired...some times it is worth it to pay with a credit card) and we haven't heard word from when it will repaired/or replaced. So until then, blackberry phone pictures will have to do...which aren't very good. So my life in decent quality pictures is not available at the moment. So sorry.