.Glitz Glitter Toes & a GIVEAWAY.

I am hosting my very first GIVEAWAY for 1 lucky girl 
who want's her toes to be GLITZY!

There are 3 Simple Things that need to be done:

 #1-Blog about it
(Feel free to copy and paste the description of Glitz Glitter Toes below for your blog post)
#2-Update your Facebook Status about it
#3-Leave a comment about it.
Along with your comment, tell me what color
you would want to do. I have an array of color's and if the lucky girl
mentions a color that I don't have, I will go get it!
Giveaway ends Saturday Night at Midnight!

Oh and one more thing....
along with being the lucky WINNER, you will get to bring 
your bestie with you and she will get her Glitz Glitter Toes for 1/2 off!

Glitter Toes are a gel application that takes about 20 min to do and last
for 6-8+ weeks depending on how fast your toes grow.
They are instantly dry when we are done and are thinner than acrylic toes.
You get your cuticles all cleaned up and toes shaped in the process. 
They come in a collection of color's that you choose and are only $20. 
Age 12 and under are $15.
If you host a party of 6 or more, you get yours for free!


  1. How are you choosing the winner??

  2. I am totally doing this!!!!! :)
    Check my Blog ...and my facebook! :)

  3. I should say...I'm doing this for Mykee and Rylee!

  4. I would like pink! But you already knew that haha

  5. I wish I was there so I could do it! :-)

  6. I would like hot pink please, just so you know for when I win...Updating everything now.

  7. what a great idea .. i would love to host a party with my lil 10 year old and her friends and some of my friends too! plz contact me towegirl1980@gmail.com

    also i would choose teal for color hehe.. do you have a fb fan page???

    yaya brittney shes gonna choose my name HA

  8. Sooo freakin cute! :) I would love pink or purple pleez! Also, Im interested in having a party with some girlie friends so if u could send me info :) dnwynn@msn.com..thanks!

  9. Hey Emily, didn't even know that you had a blog til you posted about it on fb! Your blog is so dang cute! I would absolutly LOVE for my toes to get glitz-ified! My fav color would prob be aqua blue:)

  10. You're discriminating against those of us who do not have facebook!!

  11. I am not sure what color I would do.... To be honest I am a little scared of glitter toes. (only because I think I've only seen one person with them and they did a bright green.) I would have to go with a gold, red, or fall looking color.

  12. i love my glitter toes!!! im ready for a new color! this time i think id like a dark purple with chunky glitter. is that possible?? mine have lasted amazing! LOVE THEM!!!

  13. Step one... check! Step 2...check! Step three... pink or gold! I hope I win my toes need some color.

  14. I would like to host a party! These are so cute!! Please email me at


  15. My name is Jessica Soldo, I actually found your blog through my friend Sunny Biggs. Sorry if that seems a bit creepy...BUT I really want to learn more about Glitter Toes! :) I would love to have my toes done! Possibly set a party. Please email me at jessica.soldo@bankofamerica.com(my work email is easier to get in touch with me.) or text at 480.772.8857. Thank you so much! Hope to talk soon!