.Jylare Ann Photography.

The Mister and I have fallen in love with California.
What we love more? Our amazing friends who welcome us to stay with them anytime.
What makes it even better? This lovely lady and her amazing photo skills.
Thank You Jylare!!! We plan on continuing our family pictures with you from here on out!
{if you live in the Huntington/Newport area and are in need of new photo's, seriously check her out!}
I love my husband more and more each day and these pictures have "us" written all over them. Jylare captured the best moments that say more than just words.


  1. i seriously am so in love with these. geez you guys are a beautiful couple:)

  2. My fave is the one is the b/w one under the pier. you look like a super model.

  3. These turned out fab honey! My fav is the one you have on your header. So cute, she did an excellent Job!

  4. Lovey Love love the last black and white one but they're all adorable!