.Happy Birthday Lyss!.

Alyssa Nicole Allen
To my best friend who:
Has always been there for me since we were 2
Is beautiful inside and out
Can cheer me up whatever the circumstance may be
Is always in a good mood
Will spend the night with me so I'm not home alone
Is the best to go on lunch dates with so we can chat for hours
With out a doubt, the best friend anyone could ask for
Thank you Lyss for being you and for loving me for who I am!
I am so happy that you're living in AZ now (for the time being at least), 
so we can continue our fun adventures!
Lyss and I have been through everything together since Joy School.
We have by far the best and funnest memories of my entire life.
Love you girl! xoxo

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  1. Em this was so sweet! THANK YOU for being the best best friend ever. Love ya girl