.Glitz Glitter Toes Giveaway WINNER!.

I like to consider myself old fashion...so you better believe I wrote down everyone's name 
on a piece of paper and put them into a bowl to draw the 1 LUCKY WINNER!!

Congrats Connie!!!! I had a blast meeting you for those few short 20 minutes at Whippy Cake, can't wait toget to know you better! 
please email me ay eoyeager@yahoo.com to schedule your appt!

Answer's to fellow readers questions:
*yes my sister is still doing massages! stay tuned for the next giveaway, a little bird told me a massage by her is next!
*if you didn't win and would still like to get your toes done and/or host a party, please email me at eoyeager@yahoo.com! i would love to meet each and every one of you!
*Karla: i would love to do a post of one of my recipes on your blog! and thank you for
letting me be a new sponsor on there as well!
{and to all my girlfriends who didn't enter because you think since we are friends I am not going to pick you, well you thought wrong!!! heeheehee, so be sure to enter next time!}

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