.Shane & Shari tie the knot.

The newlyweds, Shane and Shari Trader!
Well, they finally got hitched! After almost 2 years of dating, they finally said "I do"!
They got married at the perfect time, with the lightest sprinkle the entire ceremony and with
 a rainbow in the sky. We were so happy to be there to support our friends!
 Levi has known Shane for about 5yrs. They remind me of little boys when they get together. Shane was
one of Levi's first friends that I met when we starting dating, and then we met Shari when
they first started dating. And lucky for us they don't live too far from us!
Congrats guys, we love you!!!
(only 4 more days of this 2+month old beard! Halloween please come and go soon so I can have my husband back! kthanksbye)

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  1. So that is why Levi is sporting a beard. I was wondering if that was just a new thing or not. I was also wondering how you liked it :) haha. I will have to ask you on Friday what he is going to be for Halloween!