.*Massage Giveaway*.

Yes, you read the title right! I am hosting a giveaway for a FREE 60min Massage.
Does it get better then that, I didn't think so.
Here's a little bio on the beautiful and talented girl who will perform a massage on one lucky lady: 
My sis Christy is a licensed massage therapist and loves doing what
she does. And from personal experience, she is AH-mAzing at it. 
What makes the fact even better is that her skill and talent of massaging is helping towards her and her husband's {Chris} future family, which is adoption. The gift of adoption is so special
and I am sure we all know at least one person who has either been adopted
and/or has had the opportunity to adopt. 
Watching and hearing about C&C's trial of doing everything they can to get pregnant over the past
2 years has touched all of their close family and friends. They feel so lucky and blessed
to be where they're at right now and are looking forward to hopefully bringing a baby 
into their home the beginning of next year. Adoption feels so right and they are so ready!
To enter into the giveaway:
-comment on this post-please leave your email so I can contact you-
Extra Entries:
1. Facebook about it
2. Blog about it
3. Go to C&C's blog to see how cute and perfect they really are together!
{be sure to tell me what extra one's you did!}
-side note: she only massage's girls-

**********YOU HAVE UNTIL SUNDAY AT 5pm TO ENTER**********


  1. I commented first I win!! =) JK no but seriously I would LOVE to win this! I am in desperate need of a massage and relaxation. You know all the stress i'm going through =( Thanks to you and your sister for doing this giveaway. I hope I win!!

  2. I wanna win!!! :) That sounds so relaxing!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!


  3. I feel extra lucky to work with your sweet sister everyday. She is truly amazing. I have been meaning to schedule but have been busy, maybe I could win one!!

  4. Oh my heck they are adorable and I can Totally tell she lOVES babies, her blog is all about the precious babies in her life. What a sweetheart.

    I have had 2 babies in 2 years and not once have had a massage in my adult life... I think I may qualify.. sort of :-)

  5. I facebooked about it!


  6. I blogged about it!


  7. I wanna win this SO bad. It was so fun seeing you today and catching up :) I am also blogging and facebooking about this as well just so you know. :)

  8. Who wouldn't want to win this one? I hope I do! I Love how short and sweet all of her post are. I blogged and f.b about it.

  9. Hope i win!!! Yah.

    Jenny Steiner

  10. Oh how I need this right.now! I am so excited for them to get their long awaited child. Cheers to babies!! And massages!!

  11. Oooo I need this so bad! This pregnancy is killing my back! C & C are the cutest couple and hope they will be able to get their baby soon!!

  12. wow how last minute am i?! pretty sure i need to win this :)

  13. dang!!! i wish I saw this earlier!!!

    Oh yeah! If you would like to advertise on our blog send us an email! We'd love to partner up with you!

    PS Our glitter toes are still going strong! I need gold for fall!

    Thanks Emily!

    Mallory & Savannah @ classy clutter