.New York City

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be traveling with my Mister.
Not many couples get this opportunity to do so before having babies
and I am one lucky girl getting to do so!
September was one of our craziest travel months yet.
From Cali to New York to Vegas.
New York City was def the highlight of it all. Since neither of us had ever
experienced the city, we were in awww all 4 days. 
The tall buildings, old and new, had me at hello. It was everything I had ever dreamed of.
And people weren't joking when they say the city never sleeps. Literally.
Neither did we for that matter!
Pictures explain a thousand words, so I will let you see what we saw.
(one thing you won't see is the stink the subway had-peeeyouuuu)
and yes I know...picture over load galore
Day 1
Little Italy
coolest entry ways I have ever seen, and they were everywhere!
we did a lot of shopping this day, hence the lack of pictures. 
Day 2
Time Square
We found it really funny to take pictures acting like the posters
So so good!
We went and got some Central Park Action
ran into our good friend Madonna in Central Park
Day 3
ground zero and the statue of liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
.i will love him forever.
 i am just about positive Mister spilled something on his shirt every single day
Time Square at night was so much fun! Best People Watching Ever. Period.
 Day 4 and final...
we enjoyed it to our selves since Alyse and Cam had to catch an early flight.
we did more sight seeing and went back to central park since that was my favorite place
out of the entire trip. i felt like i was living a dream or playing a part in a movie 
being there. oh and yes, that is my first "Levi's" shirt. i have always wanted one
ever since i met him and we found the perfect one while out there!


  1. ughhhh....
    I miss it!!
    We did the exact same things!! Well i guess thats what most tourists do anyway. Loved the pics, girl!

  2. So glad you guys had such a fun trip em! Love all of your pictures. You are getting me excited to go. You are beautiful and I am counting down until I get to see you again. xo

  3. So jealous of this trip. Looks like you had a great time... and you looked good doing it.


  4. seriously. these are the cutest pictures. you guys are so photogenic! love it!!