.Weekend Getaway.

For our wedding, 19 months ago..., our dear friends parents gave us
a weekend in one of their time shares as our wedding gift. SUCH a 
great gift!! We had the option to choose from 4 different locations
and went with Sedona. It was the perfect getaway, at the perfect time.
The weather was gorgeous and the company was the best.
Once we had gotten there we had realized we had forgotten our 
"bathroom bag" and had to go to the nearest store to re-load on
the necessities -no make up or hair product. Oh well!
There went $30 we weren't expecting to spend...
 But we made it even when Mister got his steak dinner for free 
the following night. We also left our cell phone charges at home, 
best mistake ever. We got to be US with no distractions. perfection.
 we went and walked around the cutest little area

 adored the red rocks

 did a lot of driving through the gorgeous trees

 had the best home made ice cream! 
 and ate at cute little bakery's 

thanks again Julie and Brent Stapley for the wonderful weekend getaway!

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