.You Know You Want It.

I have decided to start sharing my secrets of great finds
 and where I go to get them. 
I tried to think of something to post on Friday's only, but lets face it...
I'm not the best consistent blogger out there. 
So you can look at it as a spontenous post of whenever I find something good,
reeeeaaal good, worthy to post about good!

Today's "Deal" is for ladies only, sorry guys!
And is found from this fabulous girly.
Not to mention she is one of my best friends,
and my lovely sister, Christy Horne. 
She is a licensed massage therapist and has decided to start
doing massages again. She does them weekday nights and
all day Saturdays (every other Friday's all day as well)

Are you ready for what she is offering?!
A 60min massage for $25
Yup, you heard me right!
Pretty sure I am seeing her twice a month. 
For that price, how could you not!?

Here's the skinny: she does them out of her home (Recker and Elliot)
Or she can come to you for a $10 house call. Easy as that!
Also, when I say 60min, it's a full blown 60min. Best ever.
She specializes in deep tissue, but she can do whatever pressure you like.
Contact her to get your appointment scheduled!
*gift certificates are available*

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