.*Massage Giveaway*.

Yes, you read the title right! I am hosting a giveaway for a FREE 60min Massage.
Does it get better then that, I didn't think so.
Here's a little bio on the beautiful and talented girl who will perform a massage on one lucky lady: 
My sis Christy is a licensed massage therapist and loves doing what
she does. And from personal experience, she is AH-mAzing at it. 
What makes the fact even better is that her skill and talent of massaging is helping towards her and her husband's {Chris} future family, which is adoption. The gift of adoption is so special
and I am sure we all know at least one person who has either been adopted
and/or has had the opportunity to adopt. 
Watching and hearing about C&C's trial of doing everything they can to get pregnant over the past
2 years has touched all of their close family and friends. They feel so lucky and blessed
to be where they're at right now and are looking forward to hopefully bringing a baby 
into their home the beginning of next year. Adoption feels so right and they are so ready!
To enter into the giveaway:
-comment on this post-please leave your email so I can contact you-
Extra Entries:
1. Facebook about it
2. Blog about it
3. Go to C&C's blog to see how cute and perfect they really are together!
{be sure to tell me what extra one's you did!}
-side note: she only massage's girls-

**********YOU HAVE UNTIL SUNDAY AT 5pm TO ENTER**********


.Shane & Shari tie the knot.

The newlyweds, Shane and Shari Trader!
Well, they finally got hitched! After almost 2 years of dating, they finally said "I do"!
They got married at the perfect time, with the lightest sprinkle the entire ceremony and with
 a rainbow in the sky. We were so happy to be there to support our friends!
 Levi has known Shane for about 5yrs. They remind me of little boys when they get together. Shane was
one of Levi's first friends that I met when we starting dating, and then we met Shari when
they first started dating. And lucky for us they don't live too far from us!
Congrats guys, we love you!!!
(only 4 more days of this 2+month old beard! Halloween please come and go soon so I can have my husband back! kthanksbye)


.Glitz Glitter Toes Giveaway WINNER!.

I like to consider myself old fashion...so you better believe I wrote down everyone's name 
on a piece of paper and put them into a bowl to draw the 1 LUCKY WINNER!!

Congrats Connie!!!! I had a blast meeting you for those few short 20 minutes at Whippy Cake, can't wait toget to know you better! 
please email me ay eoyeager@yahoo.com to schedule your appt!

Answer's to fellow readers questions:
*yes my sister is still doing massages! stay tuned for the next giveaway, a little bird told me a massage by her is next!
*if you didn't win and would still like to get your toes done and/or host a party, please email me at eoyeager@yahoo.com! i would love to meet each and every one of you!
*Karla: i would love to do a post of one of my recipes on your blog! and thank you for
letting me be a new sponsor on there as well!
{and to all my girlfriends who didn't enter because you think since we are friends I am not going to pick you, well you thought wrong!!! heeheehee, so be sure to enter next time!}


.Weekend Getaway.

For our wedding, 19 months ago..., our dear friends parents gave us
a weekend in one of their time shares as our wedding gift. SUCH a 
great gift!! We had the option to choose from 4 different locations
and went with Sedona. It was the perfect getaway, at the perfect time.
The weather was gorgeous and the company was the best.
Once we had gotten there we had realized we had forgotten our 
"bathroom bag" and had to go to the nearest store to re-load on
the necessities -no make up or hair product. Oh well!
There went $30 we weren't expecting to spend...
 But we made it even when Mister got his steak dinner for free 
the following night. We also left our cell phone charges at home, 
best mistake ever. We got to be US with no distractions. perfection.
 we went and walked around the cutest little area

 adored the red rocks

 did a lot of driving through the gorgeous trees

 had the best home made ice cream! 
 and ate at cute little bakery's 

thanks again Julie and Brent Stapley for the wonderful weekend getaway!

{don't forget to enter my giveaway below! you have less than 1 hour to do so!}


.Glitz Glitter Toes Giveaway.

I am feeling giving lately {tis the season correct?} and will be hosting a couple of
giveaways here in the near future and what better way to start it off
by something I love doing most:
Glitter Toes!
You get 1 entry for each of the following:
#1: blog about it
#2: facebook about it
#3: and leave a comment below before Sunday October 24th by 9pm!!!
*Good luck to you all!!*

Glitter Toes are a gel application that takes about 20 min to do and last for 6-8+ weeks 
depending on how fast your toes grow. They are instantly dry when we are done 
and are thinner than acrylic toes. You get your cuticles all cleaned up 
and toes shaped in the process. They come in a collection of color's that you 
choose and are only $20. 
Age 12 and under are $15.
If you host a party of 6 or more, you get yours for free!


.A Letter.

Love what you love and wrap yourself around it.
I was thinking to myself today of the things I really love and love doing.
Mister is obviously, without a doubt on the very top of that list.
Another, my Heavenly Father. He's a good man and so forgiving.
I don't think I take advantage of him enough. I can do better.
And as I said my prayers tonight, I had the want, that crave of being better.
Not only to Him, but to my Mister, my friends, my family and myself.
Him: I need to do a better job at attending the temple on a more regular basis and saying 
my prayers and reading my scriptures nightly and not making up excuses.
There should never be an excuse good enough to skip those 3 things.
Mister: He is my King, my Knight and Shinning Armor. He deserves the best and
everything I have to give. I get stressed sometimes, ok a lot, and he doesn't deserve it.
I keep trying to make it a goal to put my phone away once I get home from working 
all day, but I always find an excuse to keep it out. I need to do better at putting it away 
and leaving it there. The time I have with him is so short on the week nights and I want
to soak it all up with him and not have any outside distractions. 
So to my friends, family and clients: you may not hear from me until later in the evening
when Mister is doing his homework. I need to make the time more special and
precious with him. Thank you for understanding. 
Friends: I like to consider myself lucky with the friends that I have. The friends
who have never given up on me, the ones who we can go months without seeing
and it is always the same, no matter where we are at in our lives. The friends that I 
have made this year that have become some of my best friends. (even if it the first time we  
hung out/met and I broke my wrist and was a bum for the remainder of the weekend). 
The friends that let us stay with them when visiting out of town. The friends
who like to go on vacations with us. The friends that I have had since Preschool and
Elementary. I am truly blessed to have the friends that I have and will forever love you all.
Clients: A big, huge, Thank You from the bottom of my heart for being you. Thank you 
for letting me take that 15-20min to Glitz and Glamor your toes. Thank you for making it
possible for Mister and I to travel, because if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't
be able to go, see and so the things we do. I am so grateful and lucky to have this 
at this time of my life. Words can't express enough how much I appreciate you all.
 And the best part about it, I love what I do and I love being able to meet new girls
every single week, from young to old. I love it  because of you.
  Thank you.
Family: Being the youngest of 8 is a lot to handle. But it is worth every second. For
the most part, all 8 siblings+spouses get along AND we all live 40min from each other.
The relationships I have built with my siblings and inlaws as strengthened so much since I 
have been married and I love it. I love my parents and all that they do for me.
They have been gone 9 months and we as a family don't get together as often as we use
to, I look forward to them returning and having everyone together more often.
I am lucky to have such rad inlaws on the Yeager side as well. I wish we got
together more often, but everyone has their crazy-busy schedules. Someday soon, 
I hope, that will change and we will get together more often.
Me: I use to be the best journal writer. Growing up I wrote in it daily. It was my 
go-to vent book and my book that I got to be me. I didn't have to worry 
about impressing anyone and those 30min every night were my favorite. I
need to start writing again. It's something more personal than a blog.
Something that I can be me through and through. I also want to find that 
"nitch" as Mister and I like to call it. Mister has golf and I have, well...I 
am still not sure. But I am working on it daily to get there! (maybe my nitch
will be being a mother. Something I am very much so looking forward to. 
Maybe/hopefully next year, if the time is right.)

This was my first post ever that I just wrote what I has been on my mind. I know it may be boring
and I promise it won't happen often. It's nice every once in a while to get it all out on the table
and just say what your feeling and what you're grateful for. 
Now I have to be up in 5 hrs to go to work, so I will leave it at that. 
Love you all, goodnight!


.New York City

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be traveling with my Mister.
Not many couples get this opportunity to do so before having babies
and I am one lucky girl getting to do so!
September was one of our craziest travel months yet.
From Cali to New York to Vegas.
New York City was def the highlight of it all. Since neither of us had ever
experienced the city, we were in awww all 4 days. 
The tall buildings, old and new, had me at hello. It was everything I had ever dreamed of.
And people weren't joking when they say the city never sleeps. Literally.
Neither did we for that matter!
Pictures explain a thousand words, so I will let you see what we saw.
(one thing you won't see is the stink the subway had-peeeyouuuu)
and yes I know...picture over load galore
Day 1
Little Italy
coolest entry ways I have ever seen, and they were everywhere!
we did a lot of shopping this day, hence the lack of pictures. 
Day 2
Time Square
We found it really funny to take pictures acting like the posters
So so good!
We went and got some Central Park Action
ran into our good friend Madonna in Central Park
Day 3
ground zero and the statue of liberty
Brooklyn Bridge
.i will love him forever.
 i am just about positive Mister spilled something on his shirt every single day
Time Square at night was so much fun! Best People Watching Ever. Period.
 Day 4 and final...
we enjoyed it to our selves since Alyse and Cam had to catch an early flight.
we did more sight seeing and went back to central park since that was my favorite place
out of the entire trip. i felt like i was living a dream or playing a part in a movie 
being there. oh and yes, that is my first "Levi's" shirt. i have always wanted one
ever since i met him and we found the perfect one while out there!


.You Know You Want It.

I have decided to start sharing my secrets of great finds
 and where I go to get them. 
I tried to think of something to post on Friday's only, but lets face it...
I'm not the best consistent blogger out there. 
So you can look at it as a spontenous post of whenever I find something good,
reeeeaaal good, worthy to post about good!

Today's "Deal" is for ladies only, sorry guys!
And is found from this fabulous girly.
Not to mention she is one of my best friends,
and my lovely sister, Christy Horne. 
She is a licensed massage therapist and has decided to start
doing massages again. She does them weekday nights and
all day Saturdays (every other Friday's all day as well)

Are you ready for what she is offering?!
A 60min massage for $25
Yup, you heard me right!
Pretty sure I am seeing her twice a month. 
For that price, how could you not!?

Here's the skinny: she does them out of her home (Recker and Elliot)
Or she can come to you for a $10 house call. Easy as that!
Also, when I say 60min, it's a full blown 60min. Best ever.
She specializes in deep tissue, but she can do whatever pressure you like.
Contact her to get your appointment scheduled!
*gift certificates are available*