.Mr & Mrs.

My mother-in-law finally tied the knot with Bill!!!
.his and hers.
{i die...}
The Boys
The Girls...
and our giggles!
The Mister and I

Welcome to the fam Bill!! Glad to finally have it official ;) You are so great 
and we all love you and appreciate everything you do for Suzie. Love ya!


.Yeager Dinner Menu.

I don't know about many of you, but sometimes I have a difficult time with trying to
be creative with dinner. We try to eat as healthy as possible so I try my hardest
to use as much fresh produce and less "canned" items.
One thing is for sure, we try to stick to a budget with groceries, I hit up our local Ranch Market for our produce and stock up on meat when it's on sale and also get it from Costco. A
bag of chicken last us at least 2 months! As well as the fish, we just separate it into 2 servings.
 And cooking for 2 is nice because Mister and I are both able to take lunch
 to work the next day! {We don't mind left overs} 
I do wish I had more time on my hands to truly study over
every ad and price match everything. Sometimes I think that actually might take up less time
then hitting up 3 or 4 different grocery stores every Friday morning! But then again, the ad's don't always 
have every single item that is on sale each week. Or do they and I am just that dumb?? And I do try to avoid Walmart. I know they can have everything, but I like to support my local grocery stores. So if that does means a little more time, fine by me!
Anyway...onto our Dinner Menu for the next week! I thought some of you
may like this, to help you put together your list.

Friday:          Stuffed Bell Peppers
Saturday:      Date Night
Sunday:        Fajitas and Salad
Monday:      Vegetable Beef Bow Tie Skillet
Tuesday:      Honey Soy Salmon
Wednesday: Crock Pot Ribs with your choice/favorite sauce {Ribs on sale at Albertsons}
Thursday:     Ravioli with fresh Basil and Ripe Tomatoes
Friday:         Grilled Chicken
Saturday:      Date Night
Sunday:        Super Bowl Gourmet Hot Dogs!

We usually do a vegetable side dish as well. Either steamed veggies or a salad. Super easy! 

I feel as if I am always recycling the same dinner menu every 2 to 3 weeks. I would LOVE to hear some of your favorite Dinner Meals! Crock Pot, Stove Top, Oven, Grilled, whatever! I'll take it ;)
I will try to take pictures and post some of these recipes. Let me know if there are any you would like to see!

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.Peculiar Baby. {5} Naturalist

I went in and saw Harriet today. Oh Harriet....she is something else.
And you know what, I liked her! A lot!!!
She is all about your body's frequencies, reflexology and helps you understand what makes your hormones, organs, and levels all work. My father-in-law is into this kind of natural medicines, and I totally believe it!
She first applied pressure on all my pressure points on my feet. Telling me to let her know when it hurt. It only hurt on one are of my foot and from there she knew exactly what was wrong. She did a few more test and we talked about what is going on.
Well...basically none of my hormones are functioning correctly. My liver is over working, I have hardly any calcium, something above my pituitary gland that is supposed to release hormones isn't, because like 3 other things in my body aren't functioning correctly. And breathe...
So she gave me 4 different types of drops to take, 3 different herbs, and 2 creams. Sounds intense right? It's not really. Hearing her explain everything made total sense. But you know what hit home the most and made me almost cry??
She was doing a frequency test on me and said "Oh wow...{looks up at me}, how did you do in school growing up?" I said "Horribly, I had the hardest time comprehending and focusing". She could tell and said this is something I have been battling with for over 15yrs. {Which makes total sense bc I started struggling in elementary}. 
Anyway, at the end of my visit I felt totally and completely relieved and reassured. She also told me that the reason my prolactin level spiked so high and went down so quickly is from stress-imagine that!
I am to take everything she gave me for 4 months {some for only 2 or 3}. And I am to NOT get pregnant in the mean time. I do not have enough of everything to supply the right nutrition for myself and a baby to keep us both healthy. So no need to spend money on fertility pills any more ;) 
I will stay consistent with everything Harriet has told me to do and have faith that everything will work out. I am going to be okay, and I am going to get myself healthy {well the parts inside of me that are not} and I will carry and have a healthy baby someday. But that day is not today, and will not be tomorrow either. And I am 100% okay and at ease with that. 
If any of you would like Harriet's information, let me know. I have 100% confidence in her and have heard she has helped many girls get pregnant. She also said I was her 3rd client in this week with fertility problems, she knows her stuff, I'm tellin ya!

.New BLOG!!!!!.

I have a new blog for my Glitter Toes and Shellac nails!!!!
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Levi and I had the opportunity to take our third cruise together within a year. I feel like one lucky lady getting to do so. This time, we went with some of our bestest friends. We have such a great group of us and wish everyone could have gone! Our cruise went down to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. 
The weather was nice, too cold to lay out, but still so beautiful! The boat rocked...a lot...and I think either because of the boat rocking or from me actually not being on the go go go 24/7, I slept..a lot...Our friends all joked with Mister and I saying that they've never met a couple that sleeps so much. Whoopsie! We like our sleep and naps when we can and we're usually too busy to get much of either of those!
Our first port was on Puerto Vallarta. Not much to do there but walk around. We did find 1hr massages for $32. They weren't too shabby either! {my sister Christy is still way better might I add}. We ate lunch at a local taco shop and the guys there tried getting us to pay way too much for our bill. Luckily Levi knows his spanish as if it was english. And it almost got him into a fight because he is able to talk back so quickly. eeekk!
Our second port was Cabo. We went to Lover's beach for a couple of hours, walked around town and had some amazing virgin mango and pina/banana colada's! 
I didn't want to take time posting a weeks worth of pics one by one, or even a few in a collage here and there. So you get to enjoy them in one BIG collage! No order, no reason, just our fun weeks adventure!
Thanks Cam, Alyse, Em, and Jon for vacaying with us!
 Next stop: Durango! 


.Peculiar Baby. {4}

I had my appointment with Dr. B this morning. You ready for this?......EVERYTHING is fine! Woohoo! No tumor and get this, my prolactin level is right where it should be! I don't understand why or how it lowered itself within a week from each blood work I had done, but it is what it is. So, why I haven't gotten pregnant? It just isn't time I guess. Why I am having headaches, who knows! I will admit I was a little bitter after leaving his office today, Mister was there so I had to hold in my emotions until I got to my car. And every emotion went through my head. I am relieved that everything is okay, but I was hoping that there was something there and it being the reason why I wasn't getting pregnant. But really, it is okay. I am fine and hopeful for what is to come down the road. There are other options that can be taken and more doors to go through. This is a trial I have been given, a trial to learn something that I need to learn. Now, more than ever, I am leaning on the Lord to help me get through this. I will be a mother someday, but now just isn't that time and I am at ease with it.
Dr. L has given me some medication to take to help me get pregnant, and now that my prolactin is where it needs to be, I can take it. I also am going to see Harriet. Harriet is a naturalist. I know my body is a little off and I am not myself and I know that she can help me level everything out the natural way. I have heard nothing but good things about her. So if you have been to her or know someone has, I would love to hear from you!
Thank you everyone for the support. You are all amazing! And to my friends and readers who are having a difficult time, I know what you're gong through and hope that you will be able to get pregnant soon!



.Before&After Hutch.

I bought this darling for $75 and put $20 into it. Not to shabby if you ask me! It's not perfect, but the flaws add character right? Best part, it only took me 3 days to do it (probably could have been done in 2 days, but I wasn't in a huge rush to get it done that quick). It looks pretty dang cute in my parents house right now, but can't wait to get it into our future home some day. I am itching to re-do another one too! Branch out to other colors. Maybe a Navy one? hmmm....decisions decisions...


.Peculiar Baby. {3}

January 14th, 2011

My appointment 2 weeks ago at Dr. B's office went great. He basically gave me the same information as Dr. L and ordered the same blood work. Ehh...What's another needle? I had my MRI 2 days ago. That machine was loud, but don't you worry, I was still able to sleep...that isn't a shocker to those who know me well :) I have a follow up appt with Dr. B a week from today where we will review the blood work {the new tests that were taken} and the MRI of the brain. It's getting closer. I am so very excited.
Thank you all so so much for the positive response and feedback I have received from all of my family, friends, and readers. Your prayers and thoughts are felt.
I know getting pregnant can take anywhere from 6-12 months, if not more, and that we've only been trying for 5 months. I understand that. I have had a few people remind me of that. But here are some facts on what's going on why I am so grateful with where I am at with all these test and doctor's visits:

*I have not been on birth control for 17 months
*I have not ovulated in at least 8 months, but have regular periods. So that's why I went to my OB, Dr. Layton, when I did.
*I got into Dr. Biesbroeck within 24hrs of when I called to schedule, it should have taken 3 months to get in. Huge blessing.

Everything has happened so quickly, life doesn't seem real right now. I am so fortunate for Mister. He is my rock. He has helped me become who I am. My best friend and eternal companion. I couldn't imagine having to go through any of this without him. I have been so humbled in this short amount of time and feel that this experience will only help Mister and I grow closer to the Lord and grow stronger as a couple together. He is everything I've got.


.Red Light, Green Light.

You've all played the game as a kid.
 When RED is yelled, you freeze...
Freezing is the most difficult part of that game for me.
So are spending freezes...
Mister and I decided to do this for at least a month, maybe 2. (minus trips that have already been planned...whoops)
No clothes. No accessories. No decor. No pampering. Only the necessities.
Has anyone else tried this? I would love to hear your outcome and reward for doing so!


.She's my biggest inspiration.

As most of you know, my Christy and her husband Chris are on the quest of finding their children, through adoption. Just this past weekend they got their letter in the mail from LDS services that they are officially certified to ADOPT! I am overly excited for them. That process is sure a long one and they made it!  

If any of you out there know someone who is pregnant and is placing their baby up for adoption, please check out my sister's profile and contact them!!

.Peculiar Baby. {2}

December 28th 2010.
I slept horribly last night. Not because I am worried, or because I am scared, but maybe because of the "un-known" and having to wait so long to get more of an idea of what is next. I was told to call Dr. Biesbroeck's office first thing this morning. Knowing that it would take up 3 months to get into him (or hopefully sooner with one of the doctors inside of his practice), I knew that having to keep all of this information inside of me for so long was going to tear me up inside. But until we have a better idea of what is about to take place, there is no reason to tell many people about it. Especially when I wouldn't have more of a lead for another couple of months.
Dr. B's office didn't start answering phones until 9am. I wasn't able to call until 9:30. The lady who answered the phone was in for a real treat. I spoke to her as if she was my friend. I basically gave her the skinny on everything that Dr. L gave me last night. Bless her heart, she probably didn't need to know all of it. I am trying to keep my voice down at work while talking to her so none of my coworkers over hear anything. Of course she asks me who the referring doctor is and specialty, and as soon as I say OB all my coworkers ears perk up! Expecting to hear from her that the soonest I could be seen was in March, she surprises me with the greatest blessing. She informs me that someone called in and cancelled just a few minutes ago for a 11 o'clock new patient exam tomorrow morning. I wanted to cry, or jump up and down for joy knowing that my prayers were answered last night. Dr. B's office will have Dr. L's office send over the lab work in time for my appointment tomorrow. As far as the MRI on my brain goes, Dr. L's nurse, Kim, will have to get approval from my insurance first before sending me somewhere to have that done. (Kim sounded very shocked with how fast I was able to get into Dr. B. And yes, I speak to her like she is my friend also. Bless her heart)  Since I will be in Dr. B's system, getting a visit with him after the results from the MRI come back will be easy to get into (as if being seen within 26hrs of my first phone call wasn't easy enough!). My boss has been very understanding of this and has given me the OK to take off whenever I need to, to get into these appointments. So thankful for that.
Having this appointment scheduled so much sooner that anticipated, I feel a lot more at ease and more willing to share it with others. The first people that came to mind were my parents. I want to wait to tell my siblings until after my appointment tomorrow to hopefully have more informative details to share.
Talking about this is something personal, but it also is very therapeutic for me. Sharing this is a burden being lifted off my shoulders. I know there are other people out there (some within my own family) going through more difficult times than this seems to be. But my entire life I have kept a journal, and writing down my thoughts and feelings is one of the best ways I've been able to get express myself.


.Happy Twenty Eleven!.

Happy 2011 everyone! I hope everyone has their goals set for the year. I know Mister and I do, and are thrilled and excited for what this year is going to hopefully bring us!
We rang in the New Year with some of our close friends on Catalina Island. It was a first for me spending it away from Az and I might have liked it enough to hopefully make it a new tradition! We spent the day in downtown and went to Peohe's for dinner and waited on the back deck for the fireworks at midnight (which never came might I add...)
Us girls went shopping on New Year's Day and scored on some great stuff at the swap meet, while the boys went golfing. A perfect way to start off 01.01.11.

Counting down and "waiting" for the fireworks
Infront of Peohe's
Jon+Em. Cam+Alyse. Levi+Em. James+Nat

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it has started off to be a great one for you all!!